Type of work undertaken- variety of all HVAC service and maintenance and support with critical Installation work

Describe the scope of the individual’s service capability- Tom is progressing form a Service Improver to a Service Engineer, he has a wide knowledge and experience of working in the commercial sector on Split installations and has gained a great understanding of the basics involved with a chilled water system in a relatively short period of time.

Describe an instance the last 12 months of which the engineer should be proud- Tom’s overall attitude in the work place has been excellent, he maintains a positive approach to all work and jobs he has been involved with. He recently dealt with a very difficult situation at a site call GSK in Montrose, Tom was very professional in dealing with the customers, which ranged from a direct operative to the Health and Safety Director. There was particular praise from our Senior Service Engineer Paul Bradburn.

• Showing outstanding contribution to the workplace – in particular, areas or projects expectations have been exceeded- Tom has been involved in completing weekend maintenance on AC systems at one of our major clients NG bailey, this has allowed Tom to showcase his skills in this area and he completed a through service receiving praise from both the Area Sales Manager Stefan Lay and the client for the level of paperwork and details submitted

• Showing outstanding contribution to customers – in particular, areas or projects expectations have been exceeded As above

• Fitting in with the team – people skills and relationship building- Tom’s fit in the team has been excellent, and as above he demonstrates a can do attitude at all times.

• Testimonials from employer and customers- – He has been with Swegon Service for 6 months in a service Improver role. He has already shown fantastic enthusiasm to want to learn and progress. His development plan is underway to promote from Service Improver to Service Engineer, this is on schedule to be completed by the end of 2017. Tom strives to perform in the role and wants his colleagues to be proud of his progress. Feedback and general comments from the team is extremely positive, regarding Tom as a valued engineer, colleague and friend. Comments made by the client at GSK and NG Bailey completing Tom on his level of professionalism