Thermofrost Cryo began its journey more than 40 years ago supplying refrigeration, air conditioning and industrial products to the market. The company has grown from its original headquarters in London, soon after the Birmingham branch joined and the Manchester branch was acquired in the 21 century.

Thermofrost Cryo has a very extensive range of products available, from compressors and electronic controls, to high wall mounted units and industrial valves, the company is also the exclusive distributor in the UK of some of the top RAC manufacturers. If there is something “the specialists” is unrivalled for that would be the skills and expertise of our knowledgeable engineers, which most of them have been working at the company for more than a decade. Thermofrost Cryo remains as one of the oldest and largest British independent distributors of RAC products.

True to its original days, Thermofrost Cryo continues to provide supplies from the world’s best manufacturers, delivered consistently by our excellent staff.