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This award is open to the manufacturer or its representative agent (entering on the manufacturer’s behalf), of any air conditioning or related product launched onto the UK market after November 1, 2014.

ACR News editor Lynn Sencicle said: “It’s a testament to the return of growth in the market that the number of products being launched is noticeably increasing, but that makes it harder for each of them to stand out. Entering it into this category is an effective way of ensuring your product gets into the public eye along with the accolades it deserves.”



It’s important to supply as much relevant information as possible. In addition to details of the product, its uses and application, it might also help to cover the following topics (where relevant):

  • The level of research and development devoted to the new product
  • Key technological features
  • Target market and how this product differs from competitors
  • Any environmental issues that the product addresses
  • Energy efficiency advantages
  • Price-wise, how the product compares with competitive units
  • Lifetime running costs, payback period, etc.
  • Any features that simplify installation and maintenance?

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