Hawco has a long history of success – but 2017 has been a record-breaking year for the company. We have seen our revenue increase year-on-year for the past five years – and our sales this year have grown by 13% from £25.8 million to £29.2 million. We have achieved significant international success with 20% of group sales coming from overseas markets – and we regularly export to customers across Europe, North America and Turkey. To better support our American customers, we opened a new storage and distribution centre in Atlanta this year.

Our success can also be measured in the total number of items we sell. For example, in the last 12 months we supplied a staggering 53,600 compressors, 43,900 digital controllers and 22,550 condensers. In total, we offer over 26,000 different products from 450 suppliers – and we process 3,500 orders each month.

We continue to pride ourselves on our design-in capability based on years of experience. We support an expansive group of OEM customers in the field, enabling them to design the next generation of their products with the latest cutting-edge technologies. Through original and sometimes innovative solutions, we are able to help our customers improve their production efficiency, cut costs, make the transition to lower GWP refrigerants and minimise their energy consumption.

We are rightly proud of our excellent customer service and product knowledge. Every day, we offer a comprehensive level of customer support – responding to a wide variety of refrigeration and air-conditioning inquiries and providing contractors and installers with detailed technical advice.

We continue to grow our network of UK independent trade counters to make our products more easily available to our customers. And we support the industry through new initiatives, such as The Big Incentive, as well as established industry awards and events.