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This award is open to any company operating in the UK air conditioning and refrigeration sectors for any environmental product launched after November 1, 2014. This product should be specifically designed to have environmental benefits.

ACR News editor Lynn Sencicle said:With European legislation driving the tightening environmental credentials of a considerable number of product sectors, it is vital that manufacturers are ahead of the game. This is the perfect opportunity for those who have already invested in meeting future targets to boast about their products.”

It’s important to supply as much relevant information as possible. In addition to details of the environmental benefits of the project, it might also help to cover the following topics (where relevant):

  • The level of research and development devoted to the new product
  • Key technological features
  • Target market and how this product differs from competitors
  • The specific environmental issues that the product addresses
  • Price-wise, how the product compares with competitive units
  • Price-wise, how the product compares with comparable traditional units
  • Lifetime running costs, payback period, etc.
  • Any features that simplify installation and maintenance
  • Comparisons and any potential cost savings over conventional technology

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