Is your consulting service, first class in terms of quality of service? Have recent expansions enabled you to take on the new and exciting projects? Are you the hero of your clients, who are now en-route to energy efficiency and sustainability?


This category is for air conditioning and/or refrigeration contractors.

ACR News editor Lyn Sencicle said: “Contractors are the keystone of the industry, dealing with different environmental challenges with almost every job. They are operating in a highly competitive environment with end-users that don’t always understand the technology. This is a fantastic opportunity for contractors to showcase to the world just how great they are.”

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This award is open to all consultancies working in the fields of refrigeration and/or air conditioning engineering.

ACR News editor Lynn Sencicle said: “Consultants are notoriously shy when it comes to boasting about their achievements. By entering this category, they can raise their profile both inside and outside the industry and demonstrate the amazing variety of projects they are involved in – an opportunity which cannot and should not, be missed.”

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