After his success at World skills Sau pauolo, Chris has went from strength to strength.

He goes above and beyond what Is asked, he has a great knowledge and fixes most call outs first time and the customers have never a bad word to say, he has fantastic knowledge for his age and a great attitude. He could be asked to go to a call out 2 hours away at 2pm and he would have no issues, he is a considerate engineer who tries to guide the apprentices and takes time out of his day to teach them. He has been seen at half 5 in his workshop when he isn’t getting paid, teaching them how to braze and flare etc. He continually strives further and has recently completed an HNC at Night class, and is in the middle of carrying out a recognition award level 6.

Chris teaches a level 2 class in the evenings at our college, anytime I ask why he does so much extra he would say things like he is trying to give back some of what he has gained in his exceptional world skills training.

Chris is always upbeat and helps others think positively and methodically about work. Chris works in BLs office one day a week trying to get in new maintenance clients, he has brought in some big names and greatly helped build key relationships with clients, he then liaises with these clients and builds a relationship and deals with emails all whilst carrying out breakdowns and repairs.

His time management is excellent and man management very good. I recently witnessed him teaching a group of 16 year old level 2 students, they where a little difficult and by the end of he year they where enthusiastic at a lot more engaged all thanks to Chris.