This category is for anyone at any level currently working in the UK air conditioning and/or refrigeration industry who has gone over and above the call of duty for their company. Please supply as much information as possible.

To support your entry it is important to supply as much relevant information as possible, answering the following questions (where relevant):

  • Position
  • Describe the scope of the individual’s normal work.
  • Describe how the individual has gone over and above their normal work.
  • If nomination is for a single event, it must have taken place since 31 May 2016.
  • Testimonials

Deadline for entries is 31st August

Unsung Hero of the Year
The information contained in this entry form and supporting papers is accurate and not proprietary to any person or company other than the person or company entering.

I understand that further details to substantiate the information may be requested at the discretion of the judges.

No correspondence will be entered into and the entry form and any supporting material will not be returned. In return for accepting the entry, the organisers may publish, free-of-charge, articles or features based upon all, or selected abstracts, from the information supplied, either in the monthly journal or on the web to publicise the awards.

Important note
Entrants should confirm with their patent or legal advisors that the publication of any technical details relating to new technology contained in the information supplied will not prejudice your rights in respect of this information. The organisers/ sponsors cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any failure so to do.